In order to make the race more competitive and increase participation, the sub-committee decided to make the 3K Track Championship a standard scratch race and incorporate an age graded race in both male and female categories.  There will be medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places (male and female) in both events..

This means that our fastest runners get to compete against each other and there is the opportunity for all race participants to compete on a level playing field, regardless of age.  Everyone will start at the same time with it being clear who wins the prizes in the scratch event with the age graded times being calculated after race has finished.  More details will follow about the age graded times calculation.

We hope this will encourage our Senior Endurance athletes to participate in this years club championship.  Please spread the word to your fellow athletes and make this year’s 3K track championship race successful.

Please also see the previous post on the full timetable of events.

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