What a SUPER lot of young athletes we had taking part in week 2 of the virtual SUPERteams competition! This week was the target throw challenge from 5 metres. 20 attempts with 5 points for each throw landing successfully in the target. Not as easy as you might think! Even coaches, Alison, Joanne and Lesley had a go. Joanne was the winner! Think that means she has to do the 800m challenge in week 4, right?!

Well done to athletes Amy, Lucia, Lucie, Ella, Jack L, Sophie, Lauren, Kayden, Ben, Nathan, Eve, Niamh, Daniel, Maria, Joseph and Jack D. Great efforts again!

SA have now set up the leaderboard with scores from the first two events which can be accessed via this link: https://data.opentrack.run/x/2020/GBR/steamsnational/scores/

Week 3 is the standing long jump challenge. Good luck all! Thanks to parents for the great photos/videos and continued support this week. Great to see everyone having fun.

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