LAAA XC Championships 2021

The delayed Lanarkshire AAA Cross-country Championships for 2021 will be held on Saturday 12th February. The venue will be Kirklandpark Primary School, Strathaven. This was the venue the last time this championship was held, back in November 2019, and a great location it turned out to be. The senior race (male and female combined) will commence at noon, and will be 6.4km.

Coming just two weeks before the National XC in Falkirk, this would be a great sharpener for that event. It would also make a lower-key debut for anyone wanting to try their first cross-country race. Indeed, due to the late announcement of this event, it will not be included in the club’s cross-country championship. So, in that respect, the pressure is off. But there ARE still LAAA XC medals up for grabs.

Entry is free for this race. Senior endurance athletes wishing to enter should email or private message Alan Strang ( by Wednesday 26th January. Please also indicate your date of birth, as this is required on the entry form.


National Short Course XC Championships – Saturday 6th November

Fifteen senior endurance athletes will travel to Lanark Racecourse on Saturday to participate in the National Short Course XC Championships. Among them will be David Gardiner, defending the National M50 crown he won in Kirkcaldy in 2019. Best wishes to all representing MAC at the weekend.

West District XC Championships – Saturday 4th December

Entries remain open for the West District XC Championships, to be held at Balloch Country Park. They remain open until Thursday 18th November. Full details and booking link at:

Senior Endurance Cross Country Championship 2021-22

Details of the upcoming Senior Endurance Cross Country Championship can be revealed. Not all ‘traditional’ XC races have been announced – no Lanarkshire AAA event – so the championship will be slightly shorter than normal. It will consist of a series of five races: two team relays and three individual races.


09/10/2021: West District Cross Country Relay Championships, Alexandra Park Sports Hub, Glasgow – details here

23/10/2021: National Cross Country Relay Championships, Scone Palace, Perthshire – details here

06/11/2021: Short Course Cross Country Championships, Lanark Racecourse, Lanark – details here

04/12/2021: West District Cross Country Championships, Maryhill Park, Glasgow – details here

26/02/2022: National Cross Country Championships, Callendar Park, Falkirk – details here


Three points are awarded for participation in the West District XC Relays and the Scottish National XC Relays.

Points are scored according to finishing times for the individual races – 6 points for the fastest time, 5 points for second fastest, and so on, with 1 point for sixth. All subsequent finishers also score one point.

All races shall count towards your total. There are separate male and female championships.


With that in mind, entries for the first race of the season – West District Cross Country Relay Championships – ARE NOW OPEN. Full details are available here. Please note the affiliation rules regarding Scottish Athletics membership.

It should be stressed that you do not need to be amongst the fastest to participate. This is about representing the club, racing hard, and having a lot of fun with your teammates. The more the merrier!

Entries for the team relays are performed by the club. So if you want to take part, please let Alan Strang ( know and arrange payment of a £5 deposit. This can be paid in person, by bank transfer, or by PayPal. Only once this deposit has been paid is your place in the squad confirmed. This deposit will be refunded on the day of the race.

Our closing date for entries is Tuesday 21st September.

Senior Endurance 3000m Track Championship 2021

Saturday 18th September 2021


The 3000m Track Championship is an annual race for Senior Endurance, held during the club’s Track & Field Championships. After a year’s absence, the race returns for 2021. It is the culmination of the summer track training block, and gives members one last chance to push themselves around the track. Prior attendance at track training is not required, however, and ALL members are invited and encouraged to participate in this traditionally competitive race. A large attendance would be great to see.

This will be a scratch race, but finishing times will also be age-adjusted afterwards. In that way, prizes can be awarded to the male and female race winners, as well as to those who score most highly for their age. The track championship trophies will be awarded to the scratch race winners. Medals will be awarded to the top three male and female runners in the age-graded results.

Please make every effort to attend this event and support your club.


Only current members of Motherwell AC [on LoveAdmin] and approved ‘trialists’ can participate. Only current members of Motherwell AC can be awarded prizes.


This event will be the club training session for Saturday 18th September. Please meet at the track at Wishaw Sports Centre (Alexander Street, ML2 0HQ). Registration for the race will be from 9.30am, with the race starting at 10.00am prompt.

Please wear your MAC vest. If you do not have one, please make this known in advance so something can be sorted out.

Drinks and snacks will be provided after the conclusion of the race, so no need to rush off.

MAC Senior Endurance Relays – 2 Miles

Saturday 7th August 2021


The fourth MAC Team Relays for Senior Endurance take place next month. This will be exactly the same as the event back in May that seemed to go down well. So participating athletes will be formed into teams, and each team member has to run one leg of two miles. First team home wins.


Only current members of Motherwell AC [on LoveAdmin] and approved ‘trialists’ can participate.


Anyone wishing to participate (or to help out on the day) should indicate in the MAC Members Facebook group or send an email to The closing date for entries will be midnight on Tuesday 3rd August.


Participating athletes will then be formed into teams with the intention to make all teams as similar in overall ability as possible. Teams will be announced by Thursday 5th August. Team size will ideally be 4, but this depends on the overall number of participants.


It is up to each team to decide on its running order. The only requirements are that each team member runs at least one leg, and each team must run four legs. So for incomplete teams, team members may run additional legs in order to complete the relay.


Members who do not enter prior to the deadline are still welcome to participate. But by not entering they cannot be placed in the initial team allocation. Instead, they will be used to make up any incomplete teams, replace injured runners, or make up their own team on the day with other non-entrants. In the worst case scenario, they can run the two miles for the individual challenge.


This event will be the club training session for Saturday 7th August. Please meet at the Strathclyde Park Watersports Centre by 9.30am. The action will commence at approximately 9.50am, and certainly by 10am.

Please make every effort to wear your MAC vest. If you do not have one, please make this known so something can be sorted out.

If you can also bring some safety pins for the home-made race numbers, that would be appreciated. Some will be made available, but possibly not sufficient for all.


The route will be a mini version of the Strathclyde parkrun and can be viewed here:

Upcoming Events for Senior Endurance

Senior Endurance members have enjoyed some internal club competition recently, such as the relays and the team challenge. The action continues over the next few months. In addition to the monthly Time Trial Championship, here are some dates for your diary.

Tuesday 20th July – Pace Judgement Session

This is not an ‘event’ as such, but unusual enough to warrant a mention. Predict your time for the 4-mile route and then see how close you can get to it. No watches or phones will be allowed. Who will be closest?

Saturday 31st July – John Lucas Memorial Relay

Senior endurance is looking to enter one or more teams into this Strathaven-based 46-mile relay event.

Tuesday 17th August – MAC Team Relays – 2 mile (TBC)

The popular relay event from May returns; this time on a Tuesday to avoid any possible parkrun clash.

Saturday 18th September – Senior Endurance 3000m Championship Race

Traditional annual track race for Senior Endurance, held during the T&F Club Championship event at Wishaw.

Saturday 16th October – MAC Team Challenge – 5k (TBC)

June’s 5k Team Challenge is back. If parkrun has returned, our challenge will be done as part of that. Otherwise, we will do our own thing again.

John Lucas Memorial Relay 2021

There is growing interest within Senior Endurance to enter one or more teams in this year’s John Lucas Memorial Relay, to be held on Saturday 31st July. Teams of five will tackle the 46-mile route, starting and finishing in Strathaven, and including a traversal of the Whitelee Windfarm.

If you would like to put your name forward for consideration and haven’t already done so, please a) reply to the post in MAC Members, b) let David Gardiner know, or c) send an email to

Full details are available at but entries will be co-ordinated by David.

MAC Senior Endurance 5k Team Challenge

Tuesday 15th June 2021


Following a successful team relay event last month… June sees something different. A team challenge. What’s that? Well, rather than team members running in sequence, everyone will set off at the same time and run the same distance. Like a race! The scoring system will allow a winning team to be determined. It is just a bit of fun, though, an excuse to push yourself over the 5k distance.


Points will be awarded to runners based on finishing position. First runner home scores 1 point for their team, second scores 2 points, etc. Points will be totalled up for each team with lowest total winning. So, to be clear: finishing position is key, not time.


Attending members will be split into one of three teams at the start of the session using an ‘old school’ method. Coloured stickers will be provided to be worn front and back, to make team identification easy during the race.


Only current members of Motherwell AC [on LoveAdmin] and approved ‘trialists’ can participate. All are encouraged to participate, regardless of ‘pace’. Everyone is welcome.


No pre-entries are required for this event. Anyone wishing to participate should just turn up to training on Tuesday as normal.


This event will be the club training session for Tuesday 15th June. Please meet at the Strathclyde Park Watersports Centre at 6.30pm. The action will commence after teams have been formed and everyone has had an opportunity to warm-up.


The route to be used will be the Strathclyde parkrun route.


A bright but breezy morning at Strathclyde Park saw 26 MAC athletes take part in the MAC Team Relays. Following two virtual events earlier in the year, this event was the real thing. Six teams of four (plus one of two) lined up at the start, with each team member having to run a two-mile leg.

Scott Dickson (B) – a winner of both virtual relay events – opened up a small lead during the opening leg, leading Neil Richardson (D) by 16 seconds. Brian McLinden (F) was 14 seconds further back. Steven McCaw (E) came home 4th. Gayle Samson (C) and Charla Hands (A) were close throughout, but it was the former who completed her leg first.

Into the second leg, and a strong run from Miranda Richmond (F) saw her reel in Phyllis Hands (D) and John Burns (B) to put her team into the lead. John dug deep, however, and ensured the gap was only 3 seconds. How important could that run turn out to be? A great run from Douglas Samson (E) saw his team reach the half-way point in 3rd. Alastair Loudon (C) showed real pace as he finished 5th, with Jim White (A) 15 seconds further back.

It was all change during the third leg. Team C started 5th but finished in the lead! This was thanks to a flying effort from Mark Ellis (C). Lauren Wyllie (F) kept her team in the mix, finishing just 21 seconds behind. Next up was Simon Marshall (B), doing just enough to give his team a shot at the win too. Emma Morris (A) put in the fastest female performance of the day, but surely too far back to be in contention? Gillian McCaffer (D) and Gary Arthur (E) completed the third leg.

One leg remaining. Scott Kelman (C) started in the lead, and set off with no intention of giving it up. He hadn’t anticipated just how fast Alan Tait (B) would be, however. Before the turn Alan had reeled in both Alan Main (F) and Scott to put Team B in the lead. Scott would not let him get too far away but, before long, he had a charging Ewen Cameron (A) to contend with behind. The effort being put in by all on the home straight was astonishing. Alan Tait brought it home in style to win the relay for Team B, with Scott 10 seconds back in second place. Ewen gave it his all but had to settle for third, 6 seconds further back. Alan Main gave his team a fourth place finish. Iain Campbell (D) was fifth and Robbie Pattinson (E) 6th.

A mention should be given to the two reserves – David Gardiner and Alan Strang – who each ran two legs just to complete Team G (ineligible for the standings). David ran two of the three fastest times of the day, even while ‘taking it easy’ on his second effort. Impressive! And, talking of mentions, thanks to the helpers Joe Hoolaghan, John Hughes and Anne Hughes for ensuring the event ran smoothly.

And then… and then… Charla’s delicious home-baking! The perfect end to the event.

It was a great relay, enjoyed by all, and it was fantastic to see so many MAC vests on show. Our safety pin skills were a bit rusty, though – more practice is needed!

Team Results:

1st – Team B – 52:42 (Scott Dickson, John Burns, Simon Marshall, Alan Tait)
2nd – Team C – 52:52 (Gayle Samson, Alastair Loudon, Mark Ellis, Scott Kelman)
3rd – Team A – 52:58 (Charla Hands, Jim White, Emma Morris, Ewen Cameron)
4th – Team F – 53:26 (Brian McLinden, Miranda Richmond, Lauren Wyllie, Alan Main)
5th – Team D – 54:05 (Neil Richardson, Phyllis Hands, Gillian McCaffer, Iain Campbell)
6th – Team E – 56:01 (Steven McCaw, Douglas Samson, Gary Arthur, Robert Pattinson)
N/A – Team G – 48:41 (David Gardiner, Alan Strang, David Gardiner, Alan Strang)

Individual Results:

10 min – David Gardiner 10:43
11 min – Ewen Cameron 11:18, David Gardiner 11:30, Mark Ellis 11:39, Iain Campbell 11:58, Alan Tait 11:59
12 min – Scott Kelman 12:42, Scott Dickson 12:42, Emma Morris 12:54, Douglas Samson 12:55, Alan Main 12:55, Neil Richardson 12:58
13 min – Robert Pattinson 13:00, Alan Strang 13:02, Jim White 13:06, Alastair Loudon 13:11, Brian McLinden 13:12, Lauren Wyllie 13:26, Alan Strang 13:26, Simon Marshall 13:35, Miranda Richmond 13:53
14 min – Gillian McCaffer 14:05, Steven McCaw 14:23, John Burns 14:26
15 min – Phyllis Hands 15:04, Gayle Samson 15:20, Charla Hands 15:40, Gary Arthur 15:43

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