/ Motherwell athletics club


Bellshill Hills (known on the training schedule as "Hills from Hell") - 4.44 miles. Meet in the Belziehill Farm car park beside the Esso filling station. Six hills on the way out. Four of the hills are repeated on the way back, making 10 efforts in total.

Belshill hills

Boathouse - Chatelherault - Boathouse - 10.01 miles. An undulating run, mostly on trails with a steep drop down to the river at the farthest point out and a significant climb back up the other side.

Boathouse - Chatelherault

Dalziel Loop - 5.29 miles. This goes along the River Clyde and is mainly on a trail surface

Dalziel Loop

Dalziel out-and-back - 6 miles. This is part of the route above

Dalziel out-and-back

Garrion Bridge - Clyde Walkway - Garrion Bridge - 8 miles. An out-and-back run starting from the garden centre at Garrion Bridge and going along the river for Four miles then back over the same route

Garrion Bridge - Clyde Walkway

Hamilton - 5.73 miles. This goes through the streets of Hamilton

Motherwell - 3.26 miles. A bit of a climb from Strathclyde Park, up Airbles Road, into the town centre then a fast run back down the hill


Ravenscraig - 7.81 miles. This one of the club's longer runs


Red Brick - 8.59 miles. Starts from the Boathouse and goes to Chatelherault, across the river at the White Bridge and up the red brick path on the other side

Red Brick