The first competitive race of the Time Trial Championship takes place this coming Tuesday at 6.30 pm at the Boathouse as usual.

The Road Runners Sub Committee approved a proposal to change this year’s rules.

  1. The December and January Time Trial results will not count towards the best of the last 3 results used for working out the handicaps. Given that these results are not part of the championship they should not count in the handicap process.
  2. The times of Individuals completing a 1st and/or 2nd marker will continue to count for handicaps.
  3. The new 12 month rolling results sheet has been updated with the December and January results highlighted for information only.

Essentially the February Handicaps will be the same as the December ones for all runners except those who achieved a 1st and/or 2nd Marker in December and January.  A new 12 month rolling sheet for 2016 and the February Handicaps has been published.

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