Hypothetical Marathon 2019 Rules

The Hypothetical Marathon is part of this year’s Road Racing Leagues (it is no longer part of the main championship following a review by the sub committee in January).
Every Motherwell AC athlete who has registered for this year’s Leagues and completes a marathon between March 1 and 20 October (or the date of the LAAA Road Relays which is the final race of the season) has their time recorded, and at the end of the season the times are ordered from fastest to slowest. In effect this creates a “hypothetical marathon” race.

As per the nominated races, points are awarded on the basis of 10 points to the fastest male and female members to finish, 9 points for 2nd and so on, down to 1 point for those finishing 10th and over.  Marathon runners then use the points gained from their marathon time as one of their six point scoring races in the Leagues. If a member runs more than one marathon only the fastest time counts.

Unlike the rest of the League races the marathons are not designated in advance and can take place anywhere in world, therefore, you need to let us know if you are have completed a marathon with the location, date, and if possible a link to the official results so the we can record your time on the Hypothetical Marathon table.

We may pick up your time through Kevin Durnian’s weekly round up or via Nigel Hetherington’s new system for recording all of our athlete’s times at a range of classic distances. However, just to make sure that we definitely capture all athletes competing in this year’s leagues, please send the information about your marathon to Joe Hoolaghan too, via private facebook message or email him at joehoolaghan@motherwellac.com.

Good luck to all of our marathon runners in 2019.

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