Well done to our Intermediate Multi Event Group athletes who took part in Week 3 of the “Lockdown Challenges”. Results this week:

Ross – 04.25
Lauren – 04.46
Cameron – 05.00
Ella – 06.07
Amy – 06.10
Ewan – 6.28
Lucia – 04.38

Great improvements on last week from Lauren and Ella! Ewan’s time was slower than usual having tackled it as a duathlon, with a cycle first!

30 second run:
Ewan – 201m
Lauren – 190m
Ella – 190m

Standing Long Jump:
Ross – 2.4m
Ella – 2.4m
Ewan – 2.35m
Lucie – 1.98m
Amy – 1.84m
Lauren – 1.71m
Lucia – 2.1m

Well done everyone!

After this week the events will change to 1k run and an 60m sprint. The standing long jump will continue. Lesley will email further info and guidance to parents shortly.

More photos/videos attached. Thanks to our ” virtual” assistants, otherwise known as Mums and Dads. We couldn’t do this without you!

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