A big well done to all athletes in the Intermediate Multi Event Group who took part in week 2 of our “Lockdown Challenges”. Results as follows:

Cameron –  04.44
Daisy – 05.19
Ewan – 05.40
Ella – 06.33

Great improvements on last week from Cameron and Ella!

30 second run:
Ross – 221m
Ewan – 199m
Lauren – 190m
Cameron – 150m

Standing Long Jump:
Ross – 2.49m
Ewan – 2.29m
Ella – 2.4m
Lauren – 1.71m

2 more weeks of these events and after that there will be a wee change to keep things interesting. We’d love to see more of the group getting involved and taking part next week. It’s a great way to help keep fit and motivated for getting back to training.

Some photos/videos attached. Thanks once again to the Mums and Dads.

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