New challenges this week: 800m and 80m. Great performances again by the gang!

Ross – 02.33.12
Lucia – 02.53.00
Ella – 03.18.97
Amy – 03.31.33
Ewan – 03.33

Ross – 10.68
Lucia – 11.25
Ewan – 11.00
Ella – 12.72
Amy 13.06

Next week is the first week of the virtual SUPERteams 2 events, which sees athletes competing in events over just two weeks this time. The competition has been extended to include the U11/13&15 age groups rather than just the usual U12s.

In Week 1, athletes are competing in an 80m shuttle run and target throw. I wonder if coach Joanne will retain her title in the throws! Challenge is on, Alison, right? 😂.

Week 2 is an 800m (U11/13) or 1k (U15) and the vertical jump! We’ll pause the usual weekly challenges until that event is over as most of our regulars are taking part. Good luck everyone, have fun, and well done for last week’s efforts! Remember to send photos to your coach if you can .

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