Week 1 of the new set of challenges for our Intermediate Multi Event Group had our athletes taking part in a 1k run, a 60m sprint and SLJ. Fantastic results and we’re looking forward to the next two weeks to see how things develop in these events! Cracking photos attached too.

Ross – 03.21.53
Lucia – 03.48.00
Lauren – 03.58.00
Ella – 04.45.00
Amy – 04.55.00
Ewan – 05.00.00
Great times! Will be interesting to see next week’s times for this new distance.

Ross – 8.45
Ewan – 8.60
Lucia – 8.72
Ella – 10.00
Amy – 10.18
Lauren – 10.24
Unofficial PBs for Ross Lucia and Ewan. Very close for the others. Great times all considering the lack of usual conditions!

Ewan – 2.46m
Ella – 2.29m
Amy – 1.82m
Lauren – 1.75m
A wee unofficial PB again for Ewan. “Coach” Mum, was strict too and deducted 1cm!

Thanks again Mums and Dads. Love the photos. Keep them coming!

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