• MAC Team Relays 2022 – The Results

Cool and calm conditions met the athletes at Strathclyde Park for the latest edition of the MAC Team Relays. Twenty runners were split into five teams of four, with each member having to run a 2 mile leg at the top of the loch. Teams were free to choose their running order – the resulting tactical differences put the result in doubt until the final leg was nearing completion.


The first leg saw Iain Campbell (Banana) handover to Pat Allen with a 20s lead. She was soon reeled in, and it was Craig Morris (Blueberry) who led much of the second leg, and he gave Graeme Kennedy an 18s lead going into the third leg. He ran the fastest third leg of all to extend the Blueberry lead to around 90s! Phyllis Hands had the job of maintaining the lead through the final leg, but every runner following her was progressively faster. It was all set for a thrilling finish.


Going into the woods on the return, Phyllis was still in the lead. But the chasers were soon all around. Coming out the woods first was David Gardiner (Strawberry) on his way to the fastest leg of the day. He would not be challenged and duly crossed the line first and take the win for Strawberry. Further back was Ewen Cameron (Orange) who had reeled in Phyllis and Brian to finish second. Behind him, and into the final 100m, Brian McLinden (Kiwi) and Paul Burns (Banana) were neck and neck! Paul powered through to secure a third place finish for his team. Final finisher was Phyllis, who had been leading with 500m to go but had to settle for fifth.


It was fascinating to see the ebb and flow of the teams as the faster and slower runners ran their legs. Whilst it is tempting to put Strawberry’s win down to David Gardiner’s fastest leg, it was of course a team effort and all in his team contributed. But perhaps Gary Wood’s third leg set up the victory for David, with a strong run that surprised many in attendance, if not Gary himself.


Thanks to Joe Hoolaghan and Jim Tracy for their timekeeping duties, to Charla Hands for some awesome muffins and empire biscuits, and to Robbie Pattinson, David Hoolaghan Alastair Loudon and Emma Morris for coming down to cheer on their clubmates.


Team Results:

1st – Team Strawberry – 53:40 (Scott Dickson, Maryann Milne, Gary Wood, David Gardiner)
2nd – Team Orange – 54:04 (Neil Richardson, Clare Grehan, Ross McLean, Ewen Cameron)
3rd – Team Banana – 54:13 (Iain Campbell, Pat Allen, Ross McCaig, Paul Burns)
4th – Team Kiwi – 54:17 (Marcus Whyte, Charla Hands, John Hughes, Brian McLinden)
5th – Team Blueberry – 54:52 (Alan Tait, Craig Morris, Graeme Kennedy, Phyllis Hands)


Individual Results:

10 min – David Gardiner 10:33, Paul Burns 10:48
11 min – Ewen Cameron 11:44, Iain Campbell 11:50
12 min – Marcus Whyte 12:10, Alan Tait 12:15, Ross McCaig 12:32, Scott Dickson 12:37
13 min – Brian McLinden 13:02, Graeme Kennedy 13:22, John Hughes 13:24, Clare Grehan 13:59
14 min – Maryann Milne 14:03, Neil Richardson 14:05, Craig Morris 14:07, Ross McLean 14:16
15 min – Phyllis Hands 15:08, Charla Hands 15:41
16 min – Gary Wood 16:27
19 min – Pat Allen 19:03

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