MAC Team Relays 2022 – The Teams

The teams have been formed for this Saturday’s MAC Team Relays.  It is hoped the competition will be somewhat fruity…

Team Banana (Yellow): Iain Campbell, Pat Allen, Paul Burns, Ross McCaig
Team Blueberry (Blue): Alan Tait, Craig Morris, Graeme Kennedy, Phyllis Hands
Team Kiwi (Green): Brian McLinden, Charla Hands, John Hughes, Marcus Whyte
Team Orange (er, Orange): Clare Grehan, Ewen Cameron, Neil Richardson, Ross McLean
Team Strawberry (Red): David Gardiner, Gary Wood, Maryann Milne, Scott Dickson


It is up to each team to decide on its running order.  The only requirements are that each team member runs at least one leg, and each team must run four legs.  So for incomplete teams, team members may run additional legs in order to complete the relay.


Members who do not enter prior to the deadline are still welcome to participate.  They will be used to make up any incomplete teams, replace injured runners, or make up their own team on the day with other non-entrants.  In the worst case scenario, they can run the two miles for the individual challenge.


The route will be a mini version of the Strathclyde parkrun and can be viewed here:
Pay attention to the ‘parkrun turning loop’ next to the playpark on the far side of the loch.


This event will be the club training session for Saturday 30th April.  Please meet at the Strathclyde Park Watersports Centre by 10am.  NOTE THE LATER START TIME. (Some have said they will do Strathclyde parkrun as a warm-up; the timings allow this). The action will commence at 10.30am near the top of the loch.


Please make every effort to wear your MAC vest.  If you do not have one, please make this known so something can be sorted out.

If you can also bring some safety pins for the home-made race numbers, that would be appreciated. Some will be available, however.

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