Male Endurance – Research Volunteers Required (see below)

I am a final year Exercise Physiology PhD student from The University of the West of Scotland, and I am contacting you to ask if you could please share some information about a research study with your club members.

As you may know athlete oral health is poorer than that of the general population, and there is currently no solution to this problem. I am currently running  a study which is investigating whether consumption of nitrate rich beetroot juice can alleviate the oral acidity associated with sports drink and gel consumption.

We are looking for 10 -15 trained male endurance runners and have a few places left. Testing will take place in our new research facilities at The University of the West of Scotland and requires five visits to our laboratory. During the first session we will determine the participants VO2 max and perform a familiarisation session of the test procedures and exercise intensity, this will take around 2 h. Intensity of the exercise will be set at 90% of the participants ventilatory threshold obtained during the maximal test. Thefollowing four sessions will require the participants to run for 90 min at their pre-determined intensity, these sessions will take around 3 h each and should be completed at the same time of day on each visit with a minimum of 7 days between each session.

In return for participation the participants will receive their VO2 max test data and we will perform a lactate threshold test, the usual value of these tests through our commercial service is £150. All data will be released upon completion of the last testing session.

I have attached the participant information sheet which contains full details of the study and inclusion/exclusion criteria

I would be very grateful for your help in participant recruitment to allow us to answer this important athlete health question. If you require any further information please contact me.

Kind regards


Mia Burleigh
PhD Research Student
Postgraduate Student Representative
Institute for Clinical Exercise and Health Sciences
School of Health and Life Sciences
University of the West of Scotland
Hamilton Technology International Park
Stephenson Pl

Tel; 07530982882

Twitter; @miaburleigh8

Participant Information Sheet V3 (approved)

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