Motherwell AC were out in force at the SVHC Road Relays on Sunday 28 January 2018 with 21 athletes competing in this prestigious national event. All of our athletes did a great job representing the club and a special note of congratulations goes to our male team, Allan Cameron, Jim White, Mark Hand and David Gardiner on winning the silver medal today – the first time we have won a men’s relay medal at a National level in endurance!!

Here are the full results for all of our teams at the event.

8th Motherwell A (0:79:46)
Joanne Clark 0:25:19
Joyce Allardice 0:27:12
Tracey Lamont 0:27:15

22nd Motherwell Composite (0:93:06)
Barbara Hogg 0:32:34
Phyllis Hands 0:28:16
C. Connelly 0:32:16

2nd Motherwell A (0:81:22)
Allan Cameron 0:19:47
Jim White 0:21:13
Mark Hand 0:20:05
David Gardiner 0:20:17

21st Motherwell B (0:91:53)
Alan Tait 0:21:36
Ben Smith 0:22:26
Mark Ellis 0:23:48
Alan Strang 0:24:03

27th Motherwell M50 (0:92:59)
Brian McLinden 0:24:09
Stephen Allen 0:22:29
John Hughes 0:23:58
Graeme Kennedy 0:22:23

44th Motherwell C (0:102:09)
Graham McEwen 0:25:13
Kevin Durnian 0:25:39
John Burns 0:26:29
Marcus Whyte 0:24:56

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