The results from the Open Graded on 27th January 2016 at Ravenscraig RSF are now available, and are as follows:

Emma Gilchrist (U11) 9.98
Katie Howley (U13) 9.75 PB
Sam Kirkpatrick (U13) 10.32 PB
Stuart Russell (U13) 9.31 PB
William Bailey (U13) 9.85 PB
Katrina McEwan (U17) 9.45 PB
Michael Thomson (U20) 7.26 PB
Stephen Ross (U23) 7.36 PB
James Smith (V70) 9.20 PB

Cavan Marie Ryan (U13) 15.72
Stuart Russell (U13) 15.09 PB
William Bailey (U13) 15.93 PB
Jenna Booth (U15) 16.49 PB
Sophie Inglis (U15) 16.12 PB
Katrina McEwan (U17) 15.00 PB
Olivia Kydd (U17) 14.92
Olivia McKale (U17) 15.05
Christopher Yau (U17) 12.99 SB
Stephen Ross (U23) 11.47 PB
James Smith (V70) 14.78 SB

Long Jump:
Emma Gilchrist (U11) 2.96 PB
Katie Howley (U13) 2.70 PB
Cavan Marie Ryan (U13) 3.33 SB
Sam Kirkpatrick (U13) 3.14 PB
Stuart Russell (U13) 3.24
William Bailey (U13) 2.79 PB
Sophie Inglis (U15) 3.13 SB

Shot Putt:
Sam Kirkpatrick (U13) 5.08 PB

There were lots of PBs (some already surpassed at subsequent events) and it was fantastic to see so many MAC vests at a local indoor event. It would be great to see even more athletes at the next one on 30th March. Well done everyone and thanks to all our supporters once again.

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