What another busy night for MAC at the last OGM of the winter season in Ravenscraig RSF on 29th March. Some more fantastic PBs for our T&F athletes, which is very encouraging for the forthcoming summer season. Official results will be on the Po10 soon, but results posted last night were as follows.


Robyn Maze20.87(PB)
Niamh Morris17.55(PB)
Evan Wright17.34(PB)
Lucy Robertson16.60(PB)
Sam Kirkpatrick15.99(PB)
Katie Howley15.91(PB)
Ava Lenzi15.19 (PB)
Jenna Booth14.45PB)
Chloe Lang14.38
Amanda Nicol14.29
Alan Robertson11.69


Robyn Maze12.81(PB)
Niamh Morris10.75(PB)
Evan Wright10.55(PB)
Lucy Robertson10.17(PB)
Ava Lenzi9.47(PB)
Emma Kelly9.31(PB)
Jenna Booth9.16
Chloe Lang8.90(PB)
Amanda Nicol8.81
Alan Robertson7.33

Long Jump

Chloe Lang3.86 (PB)
Ava Lenzi3.59 (PB)
Sam Kirkpatrick3.42m

Shot Putt

Katie Howley5.09m
Well done everyone!!


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