A huge well done to the athletes who competed in the OGM at Ravenscraig earlier today. Outstanding results from members of the sprint group, especially in the 60m. Excellent effort from everyone with some fantastic PBs!


Lucy Robertson16.70
Chloe Lang14.26 (PB)
Joseph McCluskey12.29 (SB)
Alan Robertson11.58 (SB)
Stephen Ross11.57 (SB)


Lucy Robertson10.40
Amelie Kipre9.84 (PB)
Chloe Lang8.97 (PB)
Christopher Yau7.89 (PB)
Joseph McCluskey7.72 (SB)
Alan Robertson7.29 (PB)
Stephen Ross7.24 (PB)


Long Jump

Amelie Kipre3.04 (PB)

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