We had 21 athletes from T&F taking part in the OGM on 25th January, many of whom had never competed for the club before.  It was a great night and it was super to see so many athletes competing in MAC vests.  Well done all!

Thanks again to everyone who came along to support our athletes.  Thanks also to NLL and the SA officials for a well organised event.

Results will added to Power Of 10 profiles in due course.


Robyn Maze21.51 (PB)
Evan Wright17.99 (PB)
Nathan Steele17.47 (PB)
Orla Livingston17.15 (PB)
Rio Vaughan16.87 (PB)
Gabrielle Spiers16.79 (PB)
Lucy Robertson16.71
Katie Howley15.98 (PB)
Adam Sainsbury15.87 (PB)
Catherine Mackenzie15.85
Emma Gilchrist15.57
Ava Lenzi15.36 (PB)
Jamie Macinnes15.21(PB)
Cavan Marie Ryan15.04 (PB)
Jenna Booth14.85
Jay Steele14.66 (PB)
Chloe Lang14.35 (PB)
Christopher Yau12.64
Alan Robertson11.65


Robyn Maze13.15 (PB)
Evan Wright10.84 (PB)
Nathan Steele10.64 (PB)
Lucy Robertson10.21
Adam Sainsbury9.79 (PB)
Ava Lenzi9.73 (PB)
Emma Kelly9.44 (PB)
Hannah Dwyer9.33 (PB)
Jenna Booth9.31
Jay Steele9.20 (PB)
Amanda Nicol8.80
Sophie Dwyer8.56 (=PB)
Alan Robertson7.33 (PB)

Long Jump

Catherine Mackenzie2.40m (PB)
Emma Kelly2.69m (PB)
Emma Gilchrist3.16m
Cavan Marie Ryan3.37m
Ava Lenzi3.45m (PB)
Chloe Lang3.46m (PB)

Shot Putt

Katie Howley4.49m

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