Twelve MAC athletes tackled the hills at Queen’s parkrun today for the final round of the 2023 Road Running Championship. For the majority, it was a first visit.



The results are as follows…


1st David Gardiner 17:37
7th Evan Crane 20:25
20th Alan Main 22:00
26th Ewen Cameron 22:53
42nd David Hoolaghan 23:58
45th Nicole Gierlowski 24:09
52nd Gillian McCaffer 24:32
65th Lilly Jeffery 25:10
69th Julie McKean 25:18
77th Fiona Greaney 26:06
129th Jac Molloy 29:48
185th Gary Wood 35:15


Congratulations to Davie for being first finisher 😁



Championship and league tables will be updated later…

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