Senior Endurance Road Racing Leagues for 2020
We are planning to take the same approach for this year’s leagues. Unlike the overall championship the leagues will be on an ‘opt in’ basis. Once we know who wants to compete, we will set up the leagues for the first race on 7 March – Jack Crawford 10K. If you are new to the club and want to see the format, have a look at the 2019 Road Racing Championship page on the club website.
To enter the leagues you must have joined the club or renewed your membership no later than 29 February as that is the absolute cut off date.
Once you have joined or renewed, and want to be part of the leagues set up this year, all you need to do is:
1. Reply to the post on Facebook, or
2. Send a private Facebook message to Joe Hoolaghan, or
3. Email Joe at
Once we have all of the names we will sort out the leagues and publish them prior to the first race of the season.

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