Today an amazing 29 Motherwell AC athletes and trialists ran the 5th race of this year’s Road Running Championship, the 5k Strathclyde parkrun.

In complete contrast to the last time the club ran this Parkrun, which was our mob match in January versus Hamilton, today was an extremely warm and sunny morning. It was great to see so many MAC vests as everyone took to the start line. On the course the shade in the small wooded area at the top of loch was a welcome relief both on the out and back. But the heat did not stop our athletes running great times.

The results were as follows…

Jonathan Moore 15:26
Evan Crane 18:27
Alan Main 18:40
Iain Campbell 18:53
Alan Tait 19:18
Aaron Campbell 19:40
Emma Morris 19:52
Kirsty Young 19:54
Ewen Cameron 20:19
Mark Ellis 20:20
Graeme Kennedy 20:46
Robbie Pattinson 20:53
Neil Hendy 21:54
Nicole Gierlowski 22:48
Gillian McCaffer 22:50
Lucy Saez 23:20
David Hoolaghan 23:52
Douglas Samson 23:53
Fiona Greaney 24:05
Julie McKean 24:20
Charla Hands 25:06
Marcus Whyte 25:08
Phyllis Hands 26:24
Gary Arthur 26:28
Emma Main 29:48
Jac Molloy 29:54
Alastair Loudon 30:56
Patricia Allan 31:50
Gary Wood 34:50

These results include our current trialists and also those not competing in the championship, some of which are returning from injury.

Special notes go to…

Jonathan Moore – first place overall and a PB
Alan Main, Aaron Campbell, Emma Morris, Neil Hendy, Lucy Saez and Charla Hands who all got PBs either for the 5k or parkrun.
Jac Molloy and Alastair Loudon who both made their pacing debut and helped many to make a PB.

Well done to all our runners!!!

Also huge thanks to all the volunteers, because without volunteers, there would be no Parkrun!!!

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