Remember this is mainly for fun and to give you a challenge during lockdown, and is not part of the Time Trial Championship. However, the April event was quite competitive with some excellent times recorded. Virtual winners trophies and a virtual wooden spoon will be awarded.
Please spread the word to our members who are not on social media or who are not into technology. They can email me at This post will also appear on Motherwell AC Facebook page and I will drop a note to the members I know who do not use social media.
Here is how it works (same as last month with an update to the handicaps).
1. You will get a chance to run a 4 mile measured course (by you) on your own which starts and finishes in roughly the same place (as practically possible), consisting of one continuous loop or a number of continuous loops of no less then half of one mile.
2. Every club member can participate. For Handicaps we will use your April virtual time if you had a go last month. If you did not run in April, then your March Handicap will be used even if you are a marker (m) or lapsed ** (Best of last three is not being used in the Virtual TTs).
3. If you are not on the March Handicap sheet, just let me know what you believe would be your very best 4 mile time so that I can add it to the sheet and work out your handicap. A private Facebook message will do or just email me –
4. Once you have completed your run just post your time and a photo in MAC Members as everybody preferred to do last month (Garmin records are fine but I will trust you if you just post the time). If you are not on MAC Members, a private Facebook message will do or just email me –
5. A Motherwell AC vest optional and serious sports wear or fun attire is acceptable.
6. On the morning of Wednesday 13 May, I will publish the full results in the virtual finishing order along with a collage or two of your photographs (you will probably have seen most of the photos by then).
7. You can access the May Virtual TT Handicaps in the TT Championship section of the Motherwell AC website (2020 Handicaps – May Virtual TT).
Thanks in advance for your participation.

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