Over the next few weeks we will see a change in the emphasis of our training. We adopt a structured approach to training and encourage a short period of rest or easy training for a few weeks around this time each year. This will help to ensure you recover from a hard period of training and feel refreshed, ready for the start of a new season.


Obviously, some athletes will have their own targets and should adapt the training schedules to suit their needs. However, we would recommend they do consider a period of rest and recovery at an appropriate stage in their training.


Following our recovery period, the next phase of our training will be aimed at building an aerobic base, through progressively longer steady runs. We will start our cross country training on Saturday 25th September. This training will be mostly on grass and is aimed at preparing our athletes for a series of cross country and relay races over the Winter. The club hold a separate cross country championships over the Winter and you may wish to target some of the following races:


West District Cross Country Relays – 9/10/21

Lanarkshire Road Relays – 16/10/21 (TBC)

National Cross Country Relays – 23/10/21

National Short Course Cross Country – 6/11/21

West District Cross Country Championships – 4/12/21

Lanarkshire Cross Country Championships – (TBC)

National Cross Country Championships – 26/2/22


If you would like more information on our training, have a look at the annual training plan on the training schedule page of the website or have an interest in getting more involved, please contact one of our coaches.

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