Suggested Training Schedules during current Covid-19 Restrictions

Formal Senior Endurance Training Sessions are suspended until further notice.  However, we have set out suggested training schedules for February and March (see the links below).  These are for general guidance during lockdown and not part of any formal club activity.  The schedules provide athletes with an opportunity to maintain fitness and continue to progress whilst the current restrictions remain in place.


The sessions can be completed at any time and in a location that suits you as long as it is with Scottish Government guidance.  You can train with one other person as per Scottish Athletics guidance – “A maximum of 2 people from up to 2 separate households (12 years or over) can meet outdoors for sport, exercise or recreation purposes if physical distancing is maintained, before, during and after the activity.”


Additional suggested safety information from the Scottish Athletics website is set out below:

All athletes must be responsible for their own safety and as a minimum should adhere to the following suggestions, particularly if running alone
• Plan your route in advance
• Let someone know when you expect to be back – contact them to check in when you return
• All athletes should carry an ICE (In Case of Emergency) card with your name, address, any medical
information and an emergency contact number.
• Athletes should NOT run with Headphones

January 2021

February 2021

March 2021


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