Motherwell AC Sprinter Stephen Ross has provided us with an update of some outstanding performances at local, district and national championships.  There also some pictures of Stephen receiving his medals, and a picture of the results sheet when he first broke the 11 second mark for 100m.

Thanks Stephen for sharing another bit of Motherwell AC history with us.


01/09/2012 – Gold medal in the 100m and 200m at the LAAA Champs and won the Churchill Trophy for the 100m.

17/02/2013 – First National medal at the U18/U20 Scottish National Champs. Won a bronze medal in the 400m with a PB time of 51.84s.

22/05/2015 – Bronze medal in the 200m at the West District Champs in Kilmarnock.

03/09/2016 – Gold medal in the 200m LAAA Champs and Silver medal in the 100m.

02/04/2017 – First Sub 11s 100m with a time of 10.98s


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