MAC Corporate Membership for SRC Fitness – Boathouse Gym, at Strathclyde Park

Members of Motherwell athletics can obtain a reduced rate corporate Membership available at SRC fitness Strathclyde park (the boathouse gym).

The cost is £17 per person per calendar month by direct debit saving £14 per month on a full membership.

The gym offers Cardio, fixed resistance, free weights and stretching area.

SRC Fitness offer gym based training programs specific to the user needs integrating core cardio and strength training.

Cross training using strength and conditioning helps prevent injury and adds to break performance plateaus.

Group S&C sessions are available in group of 5/20 including a instructor. Price on request.

Locker changing room and shower facilities are also included with the membership.

People interested in finding out more or to join should contact John Blair via one of the following means.

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