West District Provisional Results

The Senior Endurance XC Championship Tables have been updated following yesterday’s West District Championships.

Well done to all of our athletes who braved the elements and competed at Irvine yesterday.  See below for results.


45 Paul Burns 36:07:00
63 Allan Cameron 37:21:00
107 Ewen Cameron 40:06:00
171 Scott Dickson 44:38:00
187 Graham McEwan 46:07:00
188 John Burns 46:18:00
205 Kevin McPhillips 49:17:00


88 Phyllis Hands 33:08:00
96 Joyce Allardice 33:26:00

LAAA XC Results

Motherwell AC Results from the LAAA XC Championships on 25 November

U13 Girls
20 Emma Kelly 8:06
23 Katie Howley 8:15
27 Ava Lenzi 8:29

U15 Girls
7th Joey Leach 11:19
13th Cara Baldwin 12:07

U17 Men
9th Dylan Drummond 14:42

Senior Women
3 Clare Hughes 30:23
8 Emma Hunter 33:36
18 Phyllis Hands 36:23
20 Joyce Allardice 36:31

Senior Men
9 Allan Cameron 26:12
11 Paul Burns 26:49
18 Alan Tait 28:04
35 Ross Thomson 29:33
38 Ewen Cameron 29:59
56 Graham McEwen 33:27
57 John Burns 33:30
63 Kevin McPhillips 35:17

Congratulations go to Clare Hughes for her bronze medal in the individual race and the senior women’s team (Clare Hughes, Emma Hunter and Phyllis Hands) who also picked up a bronze in the team event.

The Senior Endurance XC Championship tables have been updated on the club website and can be accessesed on the Cross Country Championship page.

West District XC Results

In addition to supporting the event we had 17 athletes taking part in the relays. Well done to all our competitors and special mention to the Men’s Masters team (5th) and the Women’s Masters team (8th).

Sen Women 31st

  • Clare Hughes 17:15
  • Emma Hunter 19:50
  • Patricia Allen 25:50:00

Masters Women 8th

  • Joyce Allardice 19:39
  • Clare Barr 19:46
  • Phyllis Hands 21:18

Sen Men 21st

  • Chris Macdonald 14:35
  • Paul Burns 14:44
  • Graeme Kennedy 16:31
  • Craig Mackenzie 15:25

Masters Men 5th

  • Allan Cameron 14:40
  • Alan Tait 15:48
  • Jim White 15:50
  • Ewen Cameron 16:03

Masters Men Incomplete

  • Neil Richardson 16:45
  • John Burns 19:08
  • Craig Whiteside 22:11

LAAA XC 2016

News in from the LAAA XC at Drumpellier Park on Saturday 19 November:

  • Clare Hughes took gold in the Senior Women’s 5,000 metres
  • The Senior Women (Clare Hughes, Joanne Clark and Emma Morris) won silver in their team event
  • Joanne Clark won silver in the Women’s Masters
  • The Senior Men (Chris Macdonald, Allan Cameron, and Alan Tait) took silver in their team event.
  • Stuart Russell won bronze in the U13 Boys
  • Emma Hunter won bronze in the U20 Women
  • Allan Cameron won bronze in the Men’s Masters

The Results

U11 Girls
17 – A Lenzi 3:22

U13 Girls
24 – 394 Cavan Ryan 11:04

U13 Boys
3 – Stuart Russell 9:12

U17 Men
5 – Luke Poutney 17:16

Senior Women
1 – C Hughes 18:46
9 – Joanne Clark 20:11
12 – E Morris 20:38
18 – Emma Hunter 21:13
20 – Clare Barr 21:26
26 – Phyllis Hands 22:32
30 – T Lamont 23:20

Senior Men
5 – C MacDonald 34:13
7 – A Cameron 34:25
16 – A Tait 36:11
40 – R Pattinson 42:10
41 – J White 42:30


Cross Country Championship 2016-17 Start

The Cross Country season for senior endurance section is about to start soon.

The rules and the races remain the same as last season.  The dates will, of course, be different, You will be aware that Benny Hands is already in the process of taking names for the West District XC and Scottish National XC relays.  The club pays the entry for teams.  Athletes participating in the relays are awarded 5 bonus points.

There are four additional individual XC races in the championship with the best 3 points scores counting towards your total.  Individuals are responsible for making their own entries to the remaining events.  We will supply as much information as possible as it becomes available.

An additional 3 bonus points are awarded to athletes who take part in the Scottish National XC Championship.

The dates of all of the races are available on the new Cross Country Championship 2016-17 page.

More details regarding dates and entry requirements will follow as they emerge.

LAAA XC Results 2015

Well done to all our athletes who represented the club at the LAAA cross country championships on 21st Nov.

Full results are:

  • U13G – Zoe Hawkins (17th – 10:23)
  • U13G – Cavan Marie Ryan (35th – 11:36)
  • U17W – Jenny Ireland (2nd – 21:23)
  • U17W – Kirsty Ferguson (5th – 23:14)
  • U17M – Luke Poutney (3rd – 17:24)
  • SW – Kirsty Irwin (6th – 21:56)
  • SW – Phyllis Hands (13th – 23:31)
  • SM – Craig Mackenzie (9th – 35:41, 2nd SM)
  • SM – Daniel Martin (23rd – 38:47, 2nd U20M)
  • SM – Scott Dickson (31st – 40:15)
  • SM – Marcus Whyte (39th – 42:08)
  • SM – Ross Burton (46th – 43:47)
  • SM – John Burns (52nd – 47:56)
  • SM – Peter Blackmore (57th – 50:12)
  • SM – James Proffitt (58th – 50:22)

Thanks to all the parents who came to support on a freezing cold day and to Bob McCrum and Lesley Ross for volunteering with registration and the finish funnel.

National Short Course (4K) Cross Country Results

Congratulations go to Phyllis Hands who won the Gold Medal in the W60 category – well done Phyllis. Here are women’s and men’s results


100Clare Barr18:05
116Susan Stewart18:46
137Pyhllis Hands19:46


101Craig Mackenzie14:15
151Nicholas Hughes15:02
244Marcus Whyte16:16
245Scott Dickson16:18
268Ross Burton16:43
319John Burns19:04
329Peter Blackmore19:44

The 2015-16 Cross Country Championship tables have been updated.

National Short Course

Gold at Bellahouston

Phyllis Hands was first in the W60 category at the Scottish short-course championship at Bellahouston today – winning a gold medal.

Well done to Phyllis and the other MAC athletes who braved a dreich day and a waterlogged course.
Susan S-Mck – Clare B – Nick H – Craig Mac – Ross B – Scott D – Peter B – John B – Marcus W.
Special mention for Susan who had an epic journey to get to Bellahouston
and to the 3 young supporters who will all be going home a lot dirtier than when they arrived.

West District XC Relay Results

Here are the results of the first race in the 2015/16 XC Championship. Well done to the 6 women and 9 men who took part in the relays.  It was a fantastic day as you will have already seen from previous posts.

5 bonus points are awarded in the XC Championship for each runner who took part and finished the course.  The 2015-2016 Cross Country Championship Tables have been updated.

Senior Women

Team A 00:54:36 (14th Place)

Clare Hughes00:16:22
Leigh Mathieson00:19:14
Susan Stewart00:19:00

Team B Vets 00:58:06 (4th Place)

Phyllis Hands00:19:54
Clare Barr00:18:14
Angela Downie00:19:58

Senior Men

Team A 00:63:16 (30th Place)

Nicholas Hughes00:14:41
Ross Burton00:16:42
Kevin Durnian00:17:34
Craig Mackenzie00:14:19

Team B 00:73:38 (42nd Place)

Thomas Sneddon00:17:59
Jim White00:16:47
Peter Blackmore00:20:29
John Burns00:18:23

Team C

Steven McCaw00:20:29

West District Cross Country 2015

The West District Championship takes place at Hamilton Park racecourse on Sunday 11 October.

As Motherwell AC is hosting this event it could get complicated with regard to who is running / helping.

However, if you want to be part of the running squad either:

  • Speak to Benny or Phyllis Hands
  • Reply to the post on the message board
  • Text Benny Hands on the number set out on the message board.

If you ran in one of the relay events last year Benny will have your details. If not, we need your date of birth and your SA number.

Closing date of entries is first post on Saturday 26th September.

See also

MAC Selected As Host Club For 2015 West District Cross Country Relays

For some, the Cross Country season is a recent memory, however for others, the planning is just  beginning!

We are delighted to announce that Motherwell AC has been selected as the Host Club for the 2015 West District Cross Country Relays.

These will be held on Sunday 11 October at the stunning Hamilton Park Racecourse. In time, we will be looking for LOTS of help both in the lead up, and for on the day. More news to follow in due course….


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