Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility Athletics Provision Consultation

A recent consultation has determined the future of the athletics provision at the Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility.

While for now the athletics provision shall remain, it will be continually measured and reviewed in one years time.

Please see the announcement from North Lanarkshire Leisure.

Thanks to all who responded to the consultation.

Open Graded Meet – 30th November 2016

The next indoor Open Graded Meet at Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility is on Wednesday 30 November at 6pm. Entry and further information can be found here: https://www.q-buster.co.uk/NLOGM30NOV16.

The deadline for entries is 28th November and declarations appear to be open from 10am on 30th November. Athletes declaring on the evening should attend at least an hour before the start time of their first event to allow sufficient time to pick up race numbers and warm up. A coach from MAC will be available on the night to assist as required.

Open Graded meetings allow athletes of all levels and abilities to compete against others of the same standard. This is a fantastic opportunity for athletes, U11 and above to gauge their competition times/distances in a variety of athletic disciplines under competition rules. Athletes have the opportunity to set personal best times and all results are submitted to Power of 10.

Training will be available as usual for Track and Field athletes not taking part in the OGM.

Please discuss any further questions you may have with your coach.

Open Graded Event, Ravenscraig RSF: 30 March 2016

The results from the last Open Graded event of the Indoor Season at Ravenscraig on the 30th of March are as follows:

Stephen Ross 7.35(PB)
Alan Robertson 7.39
Jenna Booth 9.04(PB)
Grant Mudd 9.18(PB)
Emma Gilchrist 9.65(PB)
Katie Howley 10.00
Lucy Robertson 10.66(PB)
Poppy Booth 12.07(PB)

Stephen Ross 11.53
Alan Robertson 11.62
Christopher Yau 12.76
Jenna Booth 14.47(PB)
Grant Mudd 14.76(PB)
Jay Steele 15.27(PB)
William Bailey 15.56(PB)
Aidan Boyle 15.99(PB)
Katie Howley 15.99
Sam Kirkpatrick 16.07(PB)
Niamh Tuddenham 16.39(PB)
Lucy Robertson 17.45(PB)
Poppy Booth 18.97

Long Jump:
Lauren Ross 4.67(PB)
Aidan Boyle 3.49(PB)
Sam Kirkpatrick 3.15(PB)
William Bailey 3.00(PB)
Emma Gilchrist 3.19(PB)
Jenna Booth 2.96(PB)
Niamh Tuddenham 2.68(PB)
Katie Howley 2.63

Shot Putt:
William Bailey 4.81(PB)
Sam Kirkpatrick 4.58

Well done everyone. Lots more PBs and tremendous performances. A couple of young athletes made their competitive debut, while others were pushing hard to create new PBs. Thanks again to our very supportive (and patient!) parents and friends. Bring on the outdoor season!!

Open Graded: Ravenscraig RSF 6.00pm, 30 March 2016

A wee reminder to encourage athletes to attend the Open Graded at Ravenscraig on Wednesday 30th March 2016.

It’s a great opportunity to compete for the first time or to get a new personal best.

The style of an open grade competition means that athletes are matched with other athletes on ability rather than by age or gender. As a result, athletes who are competing for the first time or who have had limited experience are able to be competitive against others who are in the same position. It also means that those who are more experienced and have been training longer can be pushed hard by competing against others in different age groups.

We would love to see lots of MAC athletes at this local event. Closing date is 27th March. Entries can be made online at http://www.nlleisure.co.uk/nll-events/open-graded-athletics-events.

Open Graded at Ravenscraig (27th Jan) Results

The results from the Open Graded on 27th January 2016 at Ravenscraig RSF are now available, and are as follows:

Emma Gilchrist (U11) 9.98
Katie Howley (U13) 9.75 PB
Sam Kirkpatrick (U13) 10.32 PB
Stuart Russell (U13) 9.31 PB
William Bailey (U13) 9.85 PB
Katrina McEwan (U17) 9.45 PB
Michael Thomson (U20) 7.26 PB
Stephen Ross (U23) 7.36 PB
James Smith (V70) 9.20 PB

Cavan Marie Ryan (U13) 15.72
Stuart Russell (U13) 15.09 PB
William Bailey (U13) 15.93 PB
Jenna Booth (U15) 16.49 PB
Sophie Inglis (U15) 16.12 PB
Katrina McEwan (U17) 15.00 PB
Olivia Kydd (U17) 14.92
Olivia McKale (U17) 15.05
Christopher Yau (U17) 12.99 SB
Stephen Ross (U23) 11.47 PB
James Smith (V70) 14.78 SB

Long Jump:
Emma Gilchrist (U11) 2.96 PB
Katie Howley (U13) 2.70 PB
Cavan Marie Ryan (U13) 3.33 SB
Sam Kirkpatrick (U13) 3.14 PB
Stuart Russell (U13) 3.24
William Bailey (U13) 2.79 PB
Sophie Inglis (U15) 3.13 SB

Shot Putt:
Sam Kirkpatrick (U13) 5.08 PB

There were lots of PBs (some already surpassed at subsequent events) and it was fantastic to see so many MAC vests at a local indoor event. It would be great to see even more athletes at the next one on 30th March. Well done everyone and thanks to all our supporters once again.

Open Graded at Ravenscraig – 27th Jan

It was a great night for MAC at the second Open Graded event in Ravenscraig RSF on 27th January.

It provided a perfect introduction to competition for one or two of our young athletes as well as a way for some of our more experienced runners to push boundaries and test their training targets.

Official results to follow, but well done to those who participated and thanks to everyone who came along to support our athletes.

The next one takes place at the same venue on 30th March.

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