UKA Track and Field Affiliated Club Representative, Celtic Nations

At present the UK Athletics, UK Members Council has a vacancy for an Affiliated Club Representative and this position is not due for election until 2017, with the successful candidate taking up their position at the AGM in December 2017.

Following consideration of this situation the Council members unanimously decided at their meeting on 28 February 2016 to seek nominations for a new role to fill this vacant position with an individual to be nominated by the Affiliated Clubs of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales who have Track and Field as a discipline.

Nominations are, therefore, invited for one Track and Field Affiliated Club Representative for the Celtic Nations.

A shortlist of two nominees from each Celtic Nation will be put forward for interview, subject to this number of nominations being received by each Celtic Nation.

The nomination form, details of the role and of the appointment process are enclosed and are also available from the British Atheltics website.

If you wish to put yourself forward as the Motherwell Athletics Club nomination, please submit your personal resume to Peter Blackmore by Friday 22nd April.

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