We are returning to a ‘real’ version of the Time Trial on Tuesday 6 April @ 6.30 PM.


While the travel restrictions remain in place we will have one group starting in Strathclyde Park and a second group starting from the Mausoleum in Hamilton.


Due to individual concerns or medical advice, members who do not wish to participate in the group session may submit a virtual time, as per previous guidance.  Your run can be completed anytime between now and Tuesday and must be submitted to Joe Hoolaghan (via messenger or email – joehoolaghan@motherwellac.com) by close of play on 6 April.  Participants may do this on two occasions during the season.  This limit does not apply to entirely virtual time trials (see 2021 TT rules on the TT Championship Page for more details – link attached).


Time Trial Championship 2021

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