CSSAL 2023

The Central and South of Scotland Athletic League (CSSAL) offers competitions in the form of league matches for all clubs throughout the area.  Motherwell AC are in Division 3 this season.  The three matches this season are:

Match 1: Sunday 30th April 2023 (Kilmarnock)
Match 2: Saturday 20th May 2023 (Linwood)
Match 3: Sunday 23rd July 2023 (Kilmarnock)


As you can see from the Match 1 timetable (in the linked Handbook document), there are opportunities to compete in 3000m/800m for Senior Endurance athletes. If anyone wants to have a go, please contact Richie Leach (


SNAL 2023

The Scottish National Athletics League (SNAL) is new for 2023, replacing the Scottish Athletics League (for men) and the Scottish Women’s League).  Motherwell AC will be part of it.  There are four matches:

Match 1: Saturday 15th April (Grangemouth)
Match 2: Sunday 28th May (Aberdeen)
Match 3: Sunday 18th June (Grangemouth)
Match 4: Sunday 30th July (Grangemouth)


Take a look at the schedules (in the linked spreadsheet) to see the race distances on offer at each match. Contact Bob McCrum ( if you want to take part or for further details.

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