Here are the results of the first race in the 2015/16 XC Championship. Well done to the 6 women and 9 men who took part in the relays.  It was a fantastic day as you will have already seen from previous posts.

5 bonus points are awarded in the XC Championship for each runner who took part and finished the course.  The 2015-2016 Cross Country Championship Tables have been updated.

Senior Women

Team A 00:54:36 (14th Place)

Clare Hughes00:16:22
Leigh Mathieson00:19:14
Susan Stewart00:19:00

Team B Vets 00:58:06 (4th Place)

Phyllis Hands00:19:54
Clare Barr00:18:14
Angela Downie00:19:58

Senior Men

Team A 00:63:16 (30th Place)

Nicholas Hughes00:14:41
Ross Burton00:16:42
Kevin Durnian00:17:34
Craig Mackenzie00:14:19

Team B 00:73:38 (42nd Place)

Thomas Sneddon00:17:59
Jim White00:16:47
Peter Blackmore00:20:29
John Burns00:18:23

Team C

Steven McCaw00:20:29

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