Your Club and Sport Need You!

As some of you may know, we have a few qualified officials in the club who all do a fabulous job of supporting events throughout the year. Most of them are also coaches who often have to juggle dual roles at events, which isn’t ideal.

We’re keen to encourage more volunteers as there is a requirement to have 4 or 5 officials at track and field league matches, and usually at least 2 at LAAA events and other Road/XC events. Whilst it’s not mandatory for clubs to provide formally qualified officials, it is preferred and it’s better for the sport to have properly trained people involved.

There are a variety of roles to take on or pursue and it would be great if our club could further support athletics by having more volunteers (from both Senior Endurance and Track and Field) willing to take on such roles. It’s also fun and very rewarding with lots of opportunities to progress and meet new people.

More information and details on some of the courses coming up in the near future can be found via this link:

Scottish Athletics Courses for Officials

If you think you could spare the time to support the club and athletics in this way, or if have any questions or just want to chat more about what’s involved, please contact Lesley Ross at

Thank you for your support!


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